Elopement in Crandon Park

Emre & Aya Eloped from Turkey! They had such an intimate moment with just (His sister and her sister)! It was Magical! I enjoyed every minute of this shoot.  Aya barely understood english and all she did was smile and posed...and how gorgeous is she????

Just the two of us!!

Sometimes Less is More!!! 

Beach TiMe!!

They wanted some City Shots, so we drove by The Brickell Area.

Jakia & Desean's Wedding

Alright!! It's been long due!! and here it is...

9.23.17-Jakia and Desean had their fairytale wedding in the Redlands, FL. Despite Hurricane Irma trying to mess things up, we were able to pull it thru and it was perfect!

Ceremony was at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses- Homestead, FL

Reception was at the Woman's Club of Homestead

Kingdom Hall...Gorgeous Day!!!

The Boys Arrived!

Here Comes the Bride!!!!

Wishing them a lifetime of Happiness!!!

Jakia & Desean Sunrise Engagement Session

We don’t just get to grow old together. We get to grow up together. And that’s the real adventure.

"Love is Love, Is Love, Is Love"....and how much I love pure Love!! That's exactly what I sense from these love birds.  J&D met when they were babies (literally), They are so young and in love and so committed to their love, that capturing the essence of their relationship was simply amazing.  We met for a Sunrise Shoot, at 6:30AM at the Beautiful Homestead Bayfront Park (same park where I had my wedding pictures), there is something about this park that screams Love!!


Their wedding is set for September 23rd, 2017 and cannot wait to capture their special day!

The Beauty Beau-Candace Part II

Hey guys! Last week I took you on a mini adventure with Blogger The Beauty Beau, so here is my continuation to that last post.  

After shooting at the Eden Roc (room and Pool), we went to the beach and then we went to out Beautiful and trendy Design District check it out!


Shooting bloggers it's quite the experience...changin outfits in the car, public bathrooms or a private tent!LOL These girsl are pro, they do it so fast and make it look so simple..The design District was full of constrution, so we couldnt do muhc, also parking is nto the best situaiton either, so we left to the fun and olorful Wynwood!!!!!!!!!!

Driving around looking for great murals, that could match her outfits, glad that I was able to not only photograph her, but show her a little bit of How beautiful and diverse our Miami Dade County is.


And that's a wrap!!! I had the pleassure of meeitng Candace who now lives in Dallas and is pursuing her dreams.

The Beauty Beau-Blogger-Candance

When Candace first emailed me about a session...she made my day!  She said she found me on Instagram and loved my images and was traveling to Miami for the first time everrrrr.  I immediately knew that I needed to make extra special for her.  I met her at the Eden Roc...we shot some products from her room and we roamed around the pool area.

We then went to the Beach and catched some beautiful Golden Light before the sunset in our beautiful Miami.  This girls' skin is dead gorgeous!!!


We then took off to Wynwood and the Design District.  I will continue thsi mini adventure on my next post....Stay tuned

Fashion Bloggers

Its always fun to shoot with the talented Carmen Renee!  I met Carmen at FLorida International University, where we both work, it was an instant match! she has such a beautiful creative mind, a true fashionista and a total #girlboss.  The minute I met her I felt as if she was my lost sister! I find that we have so much In Common that it makes it a lot easier for me to photograph her!  Check out her website link below!

Source: http://www.simplycarmenrenee.com/blue-jump...

The Power of Networking!

Hi There!!!

Hope everyone is staying dry, at least in Miami has been raining everyday!  But there is a Spanish song that says "La Lluvia no daña mi fiesta" Meaning "the rain won't ruin my party".  

The reason for this blog is to talk about Networking and the power of it, at least how it has helped me in this new journey.  A couple of weekends ago I attended an event with #southfloridabloggers association; The event was great, because not only I volunteered as a photographer, but I learned from some amazing photographers in this type of industry.  I met some great bloggers as well and tried some yummy #grillcheese from Killer Melts.  Among the people I met there was Deena, she has been a full time photographer for the past 10 years and she  started blogging a little while ago as well.  in between conversations we exchanged business cards (Moo.com), and decided to collaborate together.  This meant the world to me, because Deena is a very talented , skilled photographer, I love her work, so to work with her has been quite the honor. We met this past Saturday (on a rainy day) and decided to shoot at Brickell City Center, it was great place since it has great natural light and so many different spots to shoot.  Please check out one of her latest blogs from our session http://nomadmoda.com/4-ways-wear-scarf/

Enjoy some of the pictures from the event!!! https://flic.kr/s/aHskVsmwas

South Florida Bloggers-May Event-Killer Melts

Everyday I'm Hustling!

Last weekend I was on fire! I was so blessed to have been able to work with so many talented women, who are dedicated to their work and like me are in the business of helping other women grow!  How are you empowering women???


Mommy & Me Photoshoot-Jackie & Bradley

I absolutely love these photos! as a Mom I always make sure I document life thru the lens.  Our kids grow too fast and all you will have is your photos, to remember those beautiful times of when they were babies.   They will forever be our babies!! 

Why Hire me?

Hi! I want to talk about my prices...why and how I set them.

One of the hardest parts of being a photographer is determining how much to charge for your work. You may wonder why are my prices lower than most Photographers out there...Well let me start by saying that everyone has a starting point, although I am not new to Photography, I am new to it as a business.  When I decided to actually start charging, I thought of the price point where I would feel most comfortable with, I want to make sure that I can establish myself as someone who is professional and very passionate about what I do. 

So here are some points as to why I price the way I do:

  1. This not my main source of income.
  2. I want to make sure that I can provide awesome photographs, without breaking your bank.
  3. I'm trying to grow my Portfolio and perfect my craft.
  4. I am more focused on winning a long term client.
  5. In the past I've been a victim of extremely high price photographs that I loved, but couldn't afford to purchase. I honestly don't want anyone going thru that.
  6. I genuinely love to make people happy and having your greatest memories captured and putting a smile on your face is priceless.
  7. Everyone has a startign point...so hurry up and book your sesison, before my prices go up:)
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