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The Beauty Beau-Candace Part II

Hey guys! Last week I took you on a mini adventure with Blogger The Beauty Beau, so here is my continuation to that last post.  

After shooting at the Eden Roc (room and Pool), we went to the beach and then we went to out Beautiful and trendy Design District check it out!


Shooting bloggers it's quite the experience...changin outfits in the car, public bathrooms or a private tent!LOL These girsl are pro, they do it so fast and make it look so simple..The design District was full of constrution, so we couldnt do muhc, also parking is nto the best situaiton either, so we left to the fun and olorful Wynwood!!!!!!!!!!

Driving around looking for great murals, that could match her outfits, glad that I was able to not only photograph her, but show her a little bit of How beautiful and diverse our Miami Dade County is.


And that's a wrap!!! I had the pleassure of meeitng Candace who now lives in Dallas and is pursuing her dreams.

The Beauty Beau-Blogger-Candance

When Candace first emailed me about a session...she made my day!  She said she found me on Instagram and loved my images and was traveling to Miami for the first time everrrrr.  I immediately knew that I needed to make extra special for her.  I met her at the Eden Roc...we shot some products from her room and we roamed around the pool area.

We then went to the Beach and catched some beautiful Golden Light before the sunset in our beautiful Miami.  This girls' skin is dead gorgeous!!!


We then took off to Wynwood and the Design District.  I will continue thsi mini adventure on my next post....Stay tuned