The Power of Networking!

Hi There!!!

Hope everyone is staying dry, at least in Miami has been raining everyday!  But there is a Spanish song that says "La Lluvia no daña mi fiesta" Meaning "the rain won't ruin my party".  

The reason for this blog is to talk about Networking and the power of it, at least how it has helped me in this new journey.  A couple of weekends ago I attended an event with #southfloridabloggers association; The event was great, because not only I volunteered as a photographer, but I learned from some amazing photographers in this type of industry.  I met some great bloggers as well and tried some yummy #grillcheese from Killer Melts.  Among the people I met there was Deena, she has been a full time photographer for the past 10 years and she  started blogging a little while ago as well.  in between conversations we exchanged business cards (, and decided to collaborate together.  This meant the world to me, because Deena is a very talented , skilled photographer, I love her work, so to work with her has been quite the honor. We met this past Saturday (on a rainy day) and decided to shoot at Brickell City Center, it was great place since it has great natural light and so many different spots to shoot.  Please check out one of her latest blogs from our session

Enjoy some of the pictures from the event!!!

South Florida Bloggers-May Event-Killer Melts
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Why Hire me?

Hi! I want to talk about my prices...why and how I set them.

One of the hardest parts of being a photographer is determining how much to charge for your work. You may wonder why are my prices lower than most Photographers out there...Well let me start by saying that everyone has a starting point, although I am not new to Photography, I am new to it as a business.  When I decided to actually start charging, I thought of the price point where I would feel most comfortable with, I want to make sure that I can establish myself as someone who is professional and very passionate about what I do. 

So here are some points as to why I price the way I do:

  1. This not my main source of income.
  2. I want to make sure that I can provide awesome photographs, without breaking your bank.
  3. I'm trying to grow my Portfolio and perfect my craft.
  4. I am more focused on winning a long term client.
  5. In the past I've been a victim of extremely high price photographs that I loved, but couldn't afford to purchase. I honestly don't want anyone going thru that.
  6. I genuinely love to make people happy and having your greatest memories captured and putting a smile on your face is priceless.
  7. Everyone has a startign hurry up and book your sesison, before my prices go up:)
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